• TLC your property deserves it !!
  • TLC your property deserves it !!
  • TLC your property deserves it !!
  • TLC your property deserves it !!

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Tenant FAQ's






Are students accepted by TLC?

Yes TLC welcome students although we may require a guarantor depending on your financial staus.


What is the shortest period I can let for?

The minimum rental is for 6 months but the term can be very flexible after that initial period.


If I want to take one of TLC's flats what will I need to do?

The first thing we need to have you do is complete an application form. This can be done at the office or we can email it too you. We also require you to pay a deposit to take the property off the market, this will be the same amount as the rent.


Does TLC charge any fees?

Yes we charge a one off payment of £100.00 which is to cover the cost of the lease. Please note all future leases will be provided free of charge. This is the only fee charged.


Will I need references?

Yes Tlc will require a n employers reference confirming your annual salary and we also require a current Landlords reference if you are currently renting. If you are self employed we will also require a bank reference or an accountants reference to confirm your salary. Please note all reference checking and administration is free.


Do TLC accept DSS recipients?

This is at the discretion of the owners but generally if a DSS application was to be considered we would require a minimum of 3 months rent in advance along with the deposit. This is for no other reason than we find the DSS take around this period of time to process your claim.


If I want to terminate my lease what notice is required?

2 months notice is required to terminate the lease. This should be done 4 months into a 6 month contract or the lease will continue on a month to month basis until either the landlord or the tenant gives 2 months notice in writing. we also suggest only giving notice by email as that is a guarantee that notice has been given.









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Glasgow South Side, Mount Florida
£ 650 pcm
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East Kilbride south Lanarkshire, Calderwood
£ 450